Where were you 20 years ago when the hijacked aircrafts slammed into the Twin Towers, Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania?

I was setting up a studio for the next day’s shoot to record TV Intros and Closes. I had CNN on a TV monitor in the control room. I saw the first reports of the tower hit and people on TV had no idea what happened, was it an accident and how could that happen? Then the second aircraft slammed into the other tower. I wrote a quick email to my Pastor, who had served in the Army in Vietnam as a Cobra pilot. All I wrote was “… do you think was Bin Laden?” He responded within minutes, “That would be my best guess.”

We finished working in the studio when our management told us that we need to go home, they are closing the building.

I got in my car which was a ‘99 Chrysler 300M my father in law recently left for me. It was low on gas so I stopped at a station to fill up. As I waited in line for a pump I heard on the radio that they were evacuating the city of Houston because it was unknown if other major cities could also be attacked.

Traffic on the way home at 10:30 am was as thick as late afternoon outbound traffic, but everyone was driving a lot faster.

I stopped at my son’s school to pick him up since the school had called. While waiting in line to pick him up at the elementary school I stepped out of my car to lower their flag to half staff. I knew our country was going to be different after today. I remember telling my 10 year old son that his Uncle Mark was probably going to war after today. Be sure to pray for him and everyone else who will be going.