Somewhere under the Vette body is the frame. 

Time to dig it out to get to work on it.

As I was working on the frame, a good friend stopped by to show me his new 2015 Corvette.  What a cool car!  Great inspiration for me to complete my Vette.

First coat of primer

The fuel lines showed up!  With this, I now have everything I need to complete the frame in order to drop the body back on. 

After letting the last coat cure for a day, I ran a tap tho clean out the body and suspension mount treads of paint.

Looking back into the garage.  I can't wait to have the body back on the frame!

The frame sees the light of day

I removed the differential

Here the frame is surface rust free under the engine mounts.  You can see where I added gussets to the lower A-Arm mounts

When I welded the frame and added gussets I welded my initials under the frame that is under the driver's door.  I added the number 1 since my son is Jr. 

What better place to start wire wheeling the frame than my initials that are welded into the frame.

Final coat of top coat drying.  I sprayed two coats of primer and two coats of top coat.  I sanded the last coat of primer with 400 grit before spraying the first top coat.

View from the street

This is the disc that will bolt up to the diff carrier to add support

I look forward to hearing the Big Block through these.  I plan to have these ceramic coated, but that will have to wait until I can save up for it.

I have the frame out on the driveway flipped over so I can start with cleaning the underside.

The frame has been in sort of a hibernation for several years. The last time I worked on it I had "mocked up" the front suspension.  I had a good momentum going, then I found I had Kidney Cancer.  This was in the Fall of 2011.  The next Spring my daughter wrecked her Jeep Cherokee and I shifted my garage focus to repairing Kermit, the Jeep Cherokee.  I ended up buying another wrecked Jeep Cherokee for parts for Kermit.  As I finished Kermit, the garage had filled up with left over Jeep parts.  I tried to sell or give away most of those parts but still had jeep parts everywhere.  At the first of 2016, I had committed to getting the Vette body back on the frame, so I saved up for frame paint and fuel lines.  I already had the complete suspension and brake lines.  I now have the frame paint and the fuel lines are on the way. 

I finished prepping the frame for paint.  As I was wire wheeling the frame, I found a couple of areas that needed some more welding.  Here I am welding one of the front body mounts.  The factory spot welded the mount on top and bottom.  I completed those welds and added vertical welds to add strength. 

The frame is now ready for the first coats of primer.

Once I get the surface rust wire wheeled off, then it is paint time.