I put the L88 hood on and gave the Vette a quick wash to get the 16 years of dust and dirt off

For the first time in 16 years, this part of the garage does not have a car in it.  You can see the lower part of the walls removed after the Hurricane Harvey flood.

The day is finally here to drop the body back on the frame

The body hanging from the hoist and the dolly pulled out.

The body landed on the frame at the right place.  I put the number two body bolts in on each side.  When I got those bolts finger tight, I rolled the frame and body out onto the driveway.  This is the first time in 16 years the body has been out in the sunshine.

I rolled the frame under the body. 

Since I was doing this drop by myself, I had to hold the front of the body up while I rolled the frame under.

The last time this Vette was inspected was July 1991.  That was the month our son was born and the project came to a halt.  My priorities changed.  After Hurricanes, a Flood, putting two kids through college, cancer and other illnesses and work layoff and loss, the Vette project was slow moving.  Now I am finally making progress.

It is good to see the Corvette body on the frame.