The frame back under the body. Can't wait until the body is back on the frame!!

Rear view of bare frame

Block bolted to the frame:

Other than two small spots under the frame that needed a little grinding, there has not been any parts alignment issues.

I dropped the 454 block w/ 4 speed on the frame. I needed to do this to confirm that the clutch pivot bracket was in the exact correct spot. Notice that I have to use the bolt on pivot ball bracket from Scoggins-Dickey since the Gen V Big Blocks have no boss for the pivot ball. Everything lines up perfectly!

Both sets of A-Arms, Spindles, Spreader Bar and Discs in place.

Now that the frame welding is complete, I installed the suspension as a mock up to make sure nothing else needs welding or altered before I coat the frame.

Prepping the block/trans to drop on the frame:

Starting out with the bare frame

Differential Cross-member needs to be pulled up into place
before I can continue with the rear suspension.

Left side A-Arms and spindle in place.

Z-Bar in place. Both pivot brackets line perfectly.

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