Digital Corvettes is the best Corvette forum on the Internet!  I have been a member since 2003 when it was a few months old and am now a moderator on the site.  I highly recommend them if you are looking for information on your Corvette or just want to hang around die hard Corvette owners. 

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Here is where I buy parts for the Bug.  Bugoholics has a large inventory of new and used parts.  If you are looking for original German made body parts for Classic Aircooled VWs be sure to check with Bugoholics.

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Check out Mortec for early Chevy Casting Number interpretations.
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The SEMA Action Network is a nationwide partnership of car clubs, and individual enthusiasts (like you) who work together to impact legislation that affects car and truck hobbyists of all kinds. By joining the SAN you will receive up-to-date alerts on hobby-related legislation in your state and across the country. 
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Big Dog Garage

For online discussions and help with your MINI Cooper,

I go to Motoring Alliance
Great info and people to interact with.

Here is a helpful link:

I have  been a member of Chevy Talk for a long time.  I love to read the forum threads that relates to my '53 Chevy Wagon.  One day I plan to dive in to rebuild the Wagon and will use this forum's resource at that time.

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Here is a website that has a lot of valuable information for the 1953 and 1954 Chevrolets.  I refer to it many times as I work on my 1953 Chevy Wagon.

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On 15 September 2011, I had surgery to remove a mass along with part of my left kidney.  The mass was in the early stages of cancer.  Since it was found so early, I do not need any follow up treatment.  The Doctors and Nurses of MD Anderson in Houston are the best in the world and have become my heroes.  If anyone could have a good experience with major surgery, I did.    My wife and family took great care of me and I really owe them a lot.

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I really depend on Super Beetles Only forums to help me with issues or restoration details I had when I work on our '73 VW Super Beetle.

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I joined a forum that has a lot of good information specific to XJs. 

Lots of great people to hang out with who are willing to help out with their experience and information. 
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I have a '03 Z-71 Tahoe and this site has been a big help at times when I was trying to figure out an issue I was having.

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Lots of great info on Grumpy's Garage. 

I refer to this site a lot for my Corvette project. 

VW Resource is a great website with lots of good info for

Air Cooled VWs

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