I finished the repair on the front suspension.  The alignment was checked and everything looks good.  The handling seems to be better than before I guess due to the strut tower supports.

Big Dog Garage

Driving home one day Will accidentally hit a curb with the driver's side wheel.  After he got home, I took the Mini for a drive, and immediately turned around while hoping I will make it back home.  I could tell there was some serious suspension/steering damage beyond the visible wheel damage. I was able to back the car into a space on the side of my garage where I knew it would stay for quite a while waiting to be repaired.  I pulled the front wheels off and inspected the steering and suspension At first I could not find any obvious damage but soon saw where the drive shaft on the driver's side had been rubbing against the sway bar linkage. Where the linkage bolted to the sway bar, the bolt head was broken off.

 In order for the drive shaft and sway bar link to rub against each other like this, the control arm must have been bent back about 1.5 inches. I posted what I knew and the pictures I took on Motoring Alliance, A Mini Cooper Forum.  Here is a link to that conversation: www.motoringalliance.com

One of the really cool things I have found on car forums like Motoring Alliance is not only the knowledge, but the help offered.  One of the members there gave me a Control Arm for the price of shipping it.  That really helped us out. 

The Mini is ready to go back to Baylor with Will

We received the parts we ordered. One of the things I ordered was a set of strut tower defenders.  These strengthen the top of the strut mount.

Another thing that was damaged was the driver's side wheel.  I searched the local Craigslist and found a good deal on a set.