After I got the engine running I noticed that there was a scraping noise at the front of the engine.  Once I determined that it was the alternator, I replaced it.  I then flushed the transmission, and differential.   In the picture below, notice the bottom of the garage door and the lower brace.  This was damaged by the water current going through the garage in the flood. Water was trying to go out this door as it flowed through the garage.  You can see how the door is bowed out. 

In August 2017 we were victims of the Hurricane Harvey Flood.  Our garage got 36 inches of water for four days.  We lost a lot of things including our daily drivers which were totaled by insurance.  Since the Jeep was only covered with liability insurance I am repairing it.  The one thing that insurance goes by in deciding whether a vehicle is totaled is if the computer goes under water. Jeep computers are water tight so confidence is high for the Jeep to getting back on the road. 

The first thing I did was to drain the oil from the engine.  Over a gallon of water came out before I saw oil.  I had to get a new battery.  I pulled the spark plugs and cranked the engine. Water shot out of two of the cylinders. I installed the plugs and cranked the engine.  It started!!  I let it run for a few minutes and watched as water came out of the tail pipe. 

There are several electrical issues I am tracking down. I have solved some of them but am confident I know what the problem with the last few are.  In the meantime I pulled the carpet out.  We ordered new carpet and floor mats.  When I pulled the carpet out the underside of the carpet was still wet.  There was water in the lower recesses of the floor.  This is nine month after the flood.

Here is one of the new mats.  we are really please with the quality.