The Corvette in its new home.Now the real work begins!

Finished rolling on the Black Epoxy.

Big Dog Garage

The garage was built during the Summer of 2002.  Before I moved the Corvette into it, I painted the floor Epoxy Black & White squares.  Here are the steps I took in finishing the floor:

Here I am pulling up the masking paper.

Floor completed!

This is the garage floor before I began working on it.

Driving the Corvette into the garage for the first time.

 The White squares are now taped off, and the exposed floor is ready to be painted Black.

After painting the floor with White Epoxy, I started taping 2 X 2 foot squares for the Black paint.

I have a good life.  A wife that I love and who loves me back.  Two great kids who I am very proud of.  A job that I love.  But most of all, I have my garage and dogs!  When I get time to spend the day working on one of my car projects, I feel the most alive.  I crank up the music I grew up with and nobody complains. 

The dogs, Zora, Bella and Ginger are my constant companions when I am working in the garage.  I always remember my first garage companion Annie who is buried behind the garage.  I call my garage “Big Dog Garage” since without the dogs; the garage would lose its character and becomes just another place to keep cars and other junk. 

 I have no time limit when I am in the garage, but put things back in their place when I get tired.  The older I get, I tire earlier in the day than in my younger years.   My car projects have no deadline; I consider the build as enjoyable as the finished product.  I don’t create debt with my projects; I buy parts when I can afford them.   Once a year I go to the Corvette Expo in Houston, TX to buy parts and enjoy seeing other people’s car projects. 

When I have my work out on the driveway, neighbors always slow down to see what I am working on.  I get lots of friendly waves and smiles from people I don’t even know.   Every once in a while someone will stop to say hi and see what I am working on.  Most every time, they tell me of their dream projects, that they never made time for.  When they leave, I am very thankful that I have pursued my dream of building the cars I love. 

 When I am working in the garage, I leave the entire world behind and am in my own personal sanctuary.  There are no conflicts, bad news, or the other junk we hear everyday, only the car projects and my dogs.  Jennifer will always come out to the garage to see how I am doing.   I am so blessed to have a wife who recognizes how much being out here means to me.  She will go with me to get parts I find online, usually many miles away.  I always enjoy my time with her as we pursue the next part I need.  Car people are the best people to be around.   

When time comes for Jesus to call me home, just cremate me and put me in a tool box.  Throw in a few tools for good measure and bury me next to my dogs behind the garage.