This Vette was an automatic from the factory.  I am converting it to a manual transmission.  One of the first steps here is to replace the automatic brake pedal with a clutch and brake pedal assembly from a manual transmission Vette.

I moved the pedals to my bracket so it was a direct bolt-in.

The Muncie M-21 w/ Hurst Comp Pro shifter. 
I need to do a basic rebuild before I install this 4 speed.

I still have to cut the hole for the clutch linkage to go through the firewall.

This is the original bracket from my Vette. 
The bolt hole pattern matches the power brakes.

Since the Gen V Big Blocks have no boss for the clutch pivot ball for the Z-Bar to pivot on,
I bought this bracket from Scoggin-Dickey.

Z-Bar on the bracket.

This is the bracket with the clutch pedals. 
The bolt pattern is different from my bracket

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