Big Dog Garage

Here are Zora, Bella and Ginger.  Zora was a Husky Mix, Bella was a Black Lab and Ginger was a Cocker Spaniel.  Zora died on 7 August 2017. Ginger drowned in the Hurricane Harvey Flood. We had to put Bella down in March 2017.  I miss all three dogs. They were all loyal guard dogs that kept me company while I worked in the garage.

This is Axle Grease Overton.  Axle was 10 weeks old when we got him in November 2017.  He saw the house being rebuilt after the Hurricane Harvey Flood.  He has big paws to fill after our backyard had the three amigos, Zora, Bella and Ginger owned it for almost 14 years. Axle is definitely a water dog, he loves everything water.   He can't stay out of the small pool we keep full of water for drinking.  Axle is a mix with Black Lab and Border Collie in him.  Axle is a fun dog to have around, he is very entertaining and smart.  I am so thankful for another good Garage Dog.