The factory only spot welded the frame.

To strengthen the frame, I fabricated gussets.

Welds complete on driver's side frame rail.

A-arm bracket is welded, and gusset is welded on the bottom side.

Frame going back under Vette body dolly.

This is the Vette frame up-side down. 

Here is the 454 short block bolted to the frame.

I had gusseted the differential mount, but later discovered that the body will not clear those gussets.  I cut the gussets off with a torch, but in doing so, I slightly damaged the frame.  In order to repair the damage, I had to fabricate a couple of plates to weld in place.

Now that I have everything off the frame,
I decided to beef it up by completing the welds.

Plate held in place with C-Clamp.

All finished

After cutting off gussets at differential mount.

Welds completed at front shock mount.

Gussets ready to be welded to the frame.

Finished welding this gusset in place. 
Not too bad for an old stick welder!

Big Dog Garage

A few more welds, the frame is almost ready for the suspension.

Here is a full weld pass down one of the frame rails.

I boxed in the front part of the frame to add strength where the sway bars will connect.

Gussets complete at A-Arm mounts.

This is the welded gusset on the other a-arm.

Damage done by torch.