Fuel Lines installed.  Feed and return lines on the left and vapor lines on the right.  The brake lines will be mounted in parallel with the vapor line on the right.

I coated the frame in the Summer of 2017.  We were affected by the Hurricane Harvey Flood in August 2017.  We got 36 inches of water in the house and 41 inches of water in the garage.  We had 30 MPH water current which is what did the most damage.  I found suspension parts in the ditch.  I was able to find all of the main components but lost most all of the mounting hardware.  I cleaned up the frame and installed the suspension best I could with the mounting hardware I could find.  I installed the fuel lines and brake lines.

When I designed and built the body dolly, I made space for a full roller frame to be stored unerneath.  This was the first test to see if my measurements were correct.  The roller fit perfectly!

The frame is finally a roller!

The roller frame is officially ready for the body!