I thought it might be a good idea to go for a walk.  As I opened the door to leave, all my pets jumped up and ran over to join me for a walk.  I stood at the door holding it open for everyone to walk outside.  The dogs: Maggie, Noodles, Sandy, Eva, Zora, Axle, and Paisley ran outside followed by Sam, the Owl flying past them. Benji the Parakeet was trying to keep up with Sam.  Goober and Ellie Mae, the Hooded Rats ran to me and climbed to sit on my shoulders.  The cats were taking their sweet time but moved fast enough to make sure I knew they were going with us too.  Frisky, Doc, Shasta, Jasper, Madeline, and Luna made their way through the doorway.  The four ducks, Charlie, Lucy, Jack, and Diane waddled past. 

There was a lot to explore on this fine day.  Pasiley ran far ahead to see what she could find.  Zora and Axle walked next to me the entire way.  Benji got tired of trying to keep up with Sam, so he landed on my shoulder.  He looked over at Goober and Elli Mae who were both on my other shoulder.  I heard a noise behind me, so I looked to see what the commotion was.  Vlad, who had run to catch up when he saw us walk by bumped into Luna, who immediately body slammed him to the ground.  I reached down to pick Vlad up and asked if he was doing well this fine day.  He curled up in my arms like he always did.  So, I guess he want me to carry him.  I also saw that Bella was walking along with our group.

I heard a bark and saw Ginger running towards us.  Looking back, I saw Jennifer and Allison enjoying hot tea on Allison’s porch.  Will was standing with them with Marie at his feet.  I waved, they all waved back. 

We all rounded the corner and I saw Ed Thoma along with Dot with their large group of pets following them.  I waved and noticed Little Bit break away to come see us.  I reached down to pet him, he stood there for a moment looking at me, then turned around to go back to Ed and Dot.  When our group reached their group, I walked past all the animals at our feet.  I gave Ed and Dot a big hug.  Funny how the birds and small animals on our shoulders had to fly or get away for us to hug.  I stepped back and talked some with them while our small pets made their way back to our shoulders.  Ed reached down to pet my duck Charlie.  That duck was always at my feet wherever I went.  We stood there to talk for a few minutes, then went on our way. 

I passed Jake with Annie and the cats.  Annie walked over to say hi. Jake and I talked for some time then proceeded on our ways.  Annie followed him. 

We saw a lot of other people out for long walks with all their pets.  A favorite pastime here.  This is such a beautiful place made for us.