Driving to work this morning the song 'Billy don't be a Hero' played on the radio. When it started, I laughed out loud thinking of a time long ago when three professional singers sang this song in perfect harmony for me. This is part of what I wrote on my career as a video editor:

In the early 1990's I was working at Second Baptist Church in Houston. There were other people on staff that were also early in their career. I recall editing for someone on staff a promotional video and got paid with a fresh pizza. After a long day of work and the extra few hours working on their video, that pizza tasted great!

Another young lady on staff who is a professional singer asked me if I would edit some of her videos into a short promotional video that she could send out to get potential work. She said that she does not have much money to pay me for the edit, so I was not expecting anything when I handed over her edited video. She shows up with two of her friends and they sang to me in perfect harmony the song, “Billy, Don’t be a Hero.” I have to say, that was the best pay for the work I could ever imagine. I will never forget that. It was awesome!