The other day we were driving home and approaching an intersection. We had the green light and were about two car lengths from being in the middle of the intersection when like a flash, a car goes across in front of us going at least 50 mph, if not faster. It went by so fast that I really could not judge its speed. Had we been driving a little faster, it could have hit us on the passenger side. Since Jennifer was driving that means that car would have hit us on my side of the car. I am not sure I would have survived such an impact.

Since this happened, I have sort of looked around my life to see what others would have found in my absence. I have nothing to hide so there were no skeletons to be found, but I wonder if how I acted or was perceived by others would have made a lasting impact that I would not have been proud of. Funny thing, one of the first places I looked was Facebook. My last several posts were my usual cars, high-performance aviation and other trying to be funny sort of things along with something I wrote. I hate the political climate and division among people going around now in society. Where I would place blame is most likely not where others place blame, so I try my best to stay away from those. But there are times where I cannot help myself and join in.

Another thing I did was to look around my places at home like the garage, my sanctuary. There are no skeletons there either but there is a lot of junk to someone’s eye if they were tasked with cleaning it out. Junk to someone else is treasure to me. I am not sure what the real value of what is in the garage but maybe Jennifer would have made out well by having an onsite auction… or maybe not worth her time. Maybe it would be best to pay someone to haul off everything.

When I was told I had cancer, I went through this same thing where I looked around to see where my life had an impact. When I found out that I was now a cancer survivor my gratitude for everything went sky-high and has not landed but has lost altitude from time to time. For the most part I am grateful for everything, even the simple things we usually take for granted. When we lost most everything to the Harvey Flood, I saw the good in people who stepped up to help in more ways than I can count. The Blessings outweighed the tragedy. I do not see color of skin but the character behind the eyes. That is how I have always looked at people and always will. We are all of the Human Race and should not be defined by how dark or light our skin is.

Maybe a wake-up call or a close call like this is good from time to time to remind us of who we are and how we are perceived.

As I evaluate my life when something like this happens makes me more aware of our mortality. The one thing I am certain of is through the Grace of Jesus Christ I know where I will be the instant my heart stops.