This morning I was running late. I could not catch a break in whatever I did to get going. Even tripped over one of the dogs in the dark since our porch light does not work. I got on the road late, traffic was not too bad but heavier than I am used to. I hit most every light red, not all of them but a lot of them. As I got on NASA 1, I saw emergency lights stretched across the road in the distance. They had one lane open for the traffic to get by. As I passed the wreck it looked like someone was leaving the store on the south side of the road to cross it and got T-Boned just in front of the drivers door. It looked really bad. The first responders were working to get them out of the car. The road opened up and every light after that was green which seemed unusual. Then it occurred to me, had I been on time, that wreck would have happened right as I was going through that area. I believe God protected me once again of either being in it or being close enough to see it happen. I pray for those involved.