It is interesting how I see things now. I picked up a paper on my desk at work for a video conference and noticed the date, it was last July. My instant thought was, this was before the flood. I guess I now see things as before the flood and after the flood. Hopefully that will soon fade away.

I have also heard the term, Harvey Brain which I believe is a real thing. We have been through so much and were so overwhelmed that now we tend to forget things since our minds are not trying so hard to figure things out. I was beginning to think that maybe something was wrong since I now have to really focus on something so I would not forget. For example, last week I was installing the new garbage disposal. I needed a tool from the garage. I went to the garage but nothing is where they are normally, it is still in disarray in the garage. After moving things around where I think the tool might be, I then had to focus to recall what I was looking for. With the mix of getting older and the trauma of the flood, we have Harvey Brain. I think as things get back to normal, which the house is getting there, maybe the Harvey Brain will dissipate.