I have been thinking about Heaven lately. What a wonderful place to spend eternity.  As I look out into the night sky, I can imagine where Heaven is located; is it at the farthest galaxy I can see? Or is it closer than what I think it may be.  It is a real place, but we can’t see it right now.  Hell is also a real place.  I am no scholar, but I do read my Bible and pray a lot.  It is my understanding that this Earth was made for us humans to live in fellowship with God.  But to have true fellowship we had to be given the choice of disobedience.  God said that everything in the garden is available to man except the fruit from the Tree of Life.  We all know what happened, Adam and Eve ate that fruit and were kicked out of that garden.  In Genesis it said that God closed the gate to that garden and an angel stands guard at that gate with a flaming sword so man cannot enter.

After Jesus’s death and resurrection, He appear several times out of nowhere, then disappeared back to nowhere.  This was witnessed by many people. 

I have read recently about the theory of a parallel universe.  My limited mind cannot comprehend what this theory says.  As I thought about that theory and compared it to what the Bible says, I came up with a theory.  Heaven and Hell could be that parallel universe. 

When my Father-in-law passed away, he had a huge smile on his face.  I have heard of other people who did the same.  I have also heard of people having a frightened look on their face when they passed away.  Did they see into their destination for eternity as they passed from this life to the next?  Maybe so.  One day we will see for ourselves.  

As I thought about this and I may be wrong, but maybe not, here is my theory; when God kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden he closed the gates from that universe to the one we see.  Heaven, and Hell, is but a breath away, not light years away.