Last night there was a 7-minute pass of the International Space Station with clear skies. This is the 25 anniversary of the Space Station in low earth orbit. I looked for it from our front yard at 18:17 local time. I could hear neighbors exclaim "..... I see it!" I thought it was so cool how families brought their kids out to watch the ISS fly over.

As I watched the lab fly directly over 250 miles above me, I recalled the summer of 2009 when our family gathered in West Texas at the Medina River Ranch for a week together. Someone got the bright idea of going out one night to watch satellites go over since there was little artificial light to block our view. Where our cabins were, we were among trees, so the only open space without going far was the parking lot. We took blankets and sleeping bags to lay down in the parking lot to see how many satellites we could count. Altogether, there was about 20 of us. We all laid out in the parking lot for about an hour and saw many satellites and some meteors. The laughing was contagious as we all thought how silly we would look to someone who might see us.

Jennifer once said that she rarely had adventures until she got married. I guess this is one of the many adventures she was talking about.