In June 1975 I went to Mexico to go on a mission trip to near the Guatemalan border with a Mexican Evangelist who was a good friend of our family. I was 15 years old that summer when my parents took me to the airport to catch a flight to Monterrey, Mexico. Recently my Mom found a letter that I wrote when I arrived in Mexico City from Monterrey. It is interesting to read what I wrote those many years ago. Here is what I wrote:

3 June 1975
Mexico City

Dear Mom, Dad and Donny, and Johnny if he is there,

I am in Mexico City right now waiting for my train. I arrived in Mexico City 11:30 this morning and my train does not leave until 9:00 tonight. The bus ride was alright because the bus driver passed every vehicle on the road. In 3 minutes we passed 12 vehicles through the mountains.

(I will leave out some personal things about the people I was with)

I have learned a lot of Spanish and can understand some of what people are saying. In Monterrey I saw a Police car with bullet holes in it. Other than that it is pretty boring down here. Take good care of Goober and Elli Mae and say hi to Eva, Little Bit and Susie.
(Goober and Elli Mae were my two pet hooded rats, Eva was our hound dog, Little Bit was our Chihuahua and Susie was our cat)

Yours Truly,
Billy Overton

When I exchanged my American money to Mexican money, I had so many Pesos that they gave me a bag to carry it in. The bag was so heavy that I felt like I was robbing the bank. I hope to come home around Saturday the 14th.