Driving to work this morning the song ‘Long Way Home’ by Supertramp played on the radio.  Hearing that song brought back a memory of sitting at the gate waiting to hear if my standby ticket will get me on the 747 just outside.  This song came over the airport sound system.  I had never heard it before; in fact, it was a new album at the time in May 1979.  I had waited at this very gate two times before in the preceding days, but my name was never called.  As the song finished, my name was called over the gate’s PA system.  I stood up, picked up my backpack, which at the time was everything I owned and walked over to the ticket counter.  The young lady said, “we have a seat for you on this flight.”  Sweeter words have never been spoken to me! I was going home after 100 days of wandering around Europe on my own.

Thinking of that time so many years ago made me think of a parallel.  Many of my friends have already gone home.  I missed them tremendously.  Someday my name will be called, hopefully many years from now, but for me it will be a sweet time.  I have wandered around this Earth for almost 65 years now.  One day my name will be called to go home.  I look forward to being with my friends from my past and meeting many others who have called on Jesus to be their Savior.

Funny how a simple song brings out memories as well as thoughts of our future.  Life is an adventure, and it is good to take the Long Way Home.