On my drive to work this morning I was listening to the Message channel on satellite radio. There was a song by Matthew West called "My Story - Your Glory" As I listened to the words one phrase really stuck out for me. ".... my scars are part of Your plan."

I thought about that. I have a lot of scars. Some big ones, like over a foot long where I had my kidney surgery and lots of smaller scars. Each scar tells a story. My hands have been cut, smashed, and burned a lot over the years. In fact, I have little feeling in my hands, they have been so abused by working on engines. There have been many times as I work I will see blood on the floor, and I look at my hands to see where I was cut. I have said that "if you aren't bleeding, you aren't wrenching" Anyway, I digress.

That phrase in the song I heard this morning has real meaning for me. I thank God for every scar and that I still have full use of my hands and all my fingers. As the song says, "My Life - His Glory."