I was thinking about how things has changed since I was younger. For instance, the price of things, specifically cars. I bought my first car when I was 15 years old. I paid $150 for a 1965 VW Bug. I had to get my dad to sign the papers since I was too young. We built a dune buggy out of that Bug. I later sold the buggy for $400.

I bought a '66 Chevelle SS (A real SS. Back then if you had an SS, it was real) for $200. Now that Chevelle was a junker that I drove for about a year. I sold it for $150.

I bought a '68 Camaro for $200. I had that Camaro for about 5 years. I painted it 3 times (My brothers and I had our own body shop at the time) I swapped out the engine more times that I can count... the 396 Big Block was the most fun!! I found a '65 Chevelle SS that had the high performance 327 and rock crusher M22 four speed that I paid $300 for. I only wanted the four-speed for the Camaro. I made a deal for a friend on the Chevelle, I don't recall what I sold it to him for. Later I sold the Camaro for $800. Probably could sell it today for about $25,000.

I could go on and on, but my point is, back then a young guy like me could afford cool stuff like that. Today's youth will never know the fun we had in playing with real muscle cars. And the music was Awesome too.