I have been editing so much video lately that I am ready for a break. I still have a lot more to cut before this job is complete.

This morning while driving to work Pat Benatar's 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' played on the radio. That song took me back to my college days when I edited my first video on a machine-to-machine 3/4-inch tape. Our school had a rugby team made up mostly of missionary kids from Africa. They played brutal since they grew up with the sport. I checked out one of the cameras from the school and filmed several games then edited the video to the song 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot'. Every time the words 'Hit Me' was in the song I put a rugby hit in the video. It was a fast-paced video and got me hooked on the technology of video editing. I don't recall how many copies of that tape I made for the team, but it was a lot.

Funny how far video editing technology has evolved over the years, but I am glad I grew up with it instead of learning how only on computers. I have edited simple stuff machine-to-machine, to million dollar edit suites that had separate machine rooms (my favorite type of editing) to using programs and applications on computers.

I am blessed to be able to make a living doing something I love.