When you go through tough times, it might be for your good.  The most painful thing I ever experienced was a kidney stone.  I had never had a stone before, so I had no idea what was going on.  

I ended up in the Emergency Room where they did a CT scan.   The Doctor came to where I was waiting and told my wife and me, “You have a kidney stone in your right kidney and oh, by the way, there is a mass on your left kidney.  You might want to get that checked out” He then left the room.  The kidney stone that brought me here to get the CT scan was gone.  I don’t recall passing it and the pain went away.   I understand that passing a stone is very painful, but I did not pass this one.  I have never had a kidney stone before or since. 

Had I never had that painful experience, I would not have found out about my kidney cancer until it was too late.  There are no early symptoms for kidney cancer or in my case RCC (Renal Cell Carcinoma).  When you do get symptoms, it is almost too late and life expectancy is short.  I consider that painful kidney stone a Gift from God. 

This happened ten years ago and if there was not that painful experience, I would have been a forgotten memory except by a few by now. 

So, if you are going a tough time, instead of complaining, ask God what he might be trying to tell you.  It might save your life.