I was meeting with my manager this week. We have a monthly tag-up just to catch up on what we are doing and what to look forward to. Somehow the conversation went to ".... is there anything we know is wrong but can accept the risk of punishment to go ahead with it" I have no idea of how our conversation got to this but we were making small talk at this point, official business had concluded. I said that in my case one instance always stands out as clear as if it had happened yesterday. I was in first grade and at the school, you could see the parking lot through the windows of the cafeteria. One day I spotted a brand new 1967 Mustang Fastback in the parking lot and I really wanted a closer look since I had never seen one in person. I decided the punishment of going out there was worth the risk. I walked out there and really looked the car over. It was not long before a teacher made me come back inside and I ended up sitting in the Principles office. I do not recall what my punishment was but I do recall that what I did in going outside was well worth it. Funny how today I am a Chevy guy but that Mustang was gorgeous. I guess I was born a car guy.