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We had to say good bye to Zora my faithful Garage Dog on 7 August 2017. She took her job serious in protecting the garage.  We buried her near the spot where she would sit to watch me working in the garage.  Zora was a good friend and will be greatly missed. Here is a link where I wrote a tribute to the Garage Dogs

Big Dog Garage

I added a new page called "Driveway Stories"   From time to time I write about observations I have about the world around me. I do not pretend to be a proficient writer, but I do enjoy putting what I see into words.  I have friends who stop by to see what I am working on or tell me about what they are working on.  We end up telling each other our latest stories while standing in the driveway.  I will add to this page when I do write something.  Hope you enjoy this page as much as I do creating it.  Here is a link:  Driveway Stories

Now the the Mini Cooper S is away at Baylor with Will, I plan to refocus on getting the Vette body back on the frame.  I have everything I need, just need to finish suspension assembly, fuel and brake lines.  Once everything is in place I need to work the logistics of getting the body off the body dolly and onto the frame. 

In honor of my faithful companion Annie, I named this site after her.
We called her 'Big Dog'. She was a good friend and ferocious guard dog.

Through the grace of God and talents of my heroes at MD Anderson in Houston, I conquered kidney cancer.  I now understand real thankfulness as each one of us should. I see every new day as a gift from God, every sunrise, sunset, even the very breath we take.

This is the shop where my brothers and I ran a business for about three years in the mid 1970's.  It was called, Overton Brothers Custom Body and Paint.  We had a good clientele, but the reason we went out of business is we put our personal cars before the customers.  We were young and dumb.  That is Johnny's orange '69 Camaro just to the right of the parking lot.  The three bay part of the building is the main shop, the paint booth is the two door building on the right.  We painted a lot of custom jobs in that booth, lots of flames and stripes. along with complete paint jobs. I painted my '68 Camaro three times in that booth. :)

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Here is a video I edited for work. 

This is in celebration of 30 years of Shuttle Flights.
Hope you enjoy it!