Site updated: 1 December 2016

I have set a goal of having the body of the Corvette back on the frame before the end of this year.   What needs to be done is the frame needs to be coated. I have disassembled the front suspension that I had "mocked up".  I am in the process of wire wheeling the frame to remove the surface rust.  I have frame paint and plan to coat the frame soon.

The fuel lines are on the way.  Once the frame is coated, the suspension re-installed, fuel and brake lines installed; the frame will be ready to have the body re-installed.   I started a new page called Frame Assembly

Through the grace of God and talents of my heroes at MD Anderson in Houston, I conquered kidney cancer.  I now understand real thankfulness as each one of us should. I see every new day as a gift from God, every sunrise, sunset, even the very breath we take.

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Big Dog Garage

I added a new page called "Driveway Stories"   From time to time I write about observations I have about the world around me. I do not pretend to be a proficient writer, but I do enjoy putting what I see into words.  I have friends who stop by to see what I am working on or tell me about what they are working on.  We end up telling each other our latest stories while standing in the driveway.  I will add to this page when I do write something.  I start this page off with my observations with my actual driveway.  Hope you enjoy this page as much as I do creating it.  Here is a link:  Driveway Stories

In honor of my faithful companion Annie, I named this site after her.
We called her 'Big Dog'. She was a good friend and ferocious guard dog.

Here is a video I edited for work. 

This is in celebration of 30 years of Shuttle Flights.
Hope you enjoy it!