I have had fun working at the house in the afternoon because of the workers that are there. Since I am there everyday, they have sort of accepted me as one of them. The picking and teasing has been the most fun. There are three guys that are always there, a guy in his mid 50s who has had a rough life but still keeps working hard named Vern, an American Indian who is an old Hippie who is soft spoken is the painter and a young guy who works hard and wants to learn all there is to know about construction. Vern is somewhat outspoken and the most fun to pick on because he takes it well. He is also quick to give it back. Yesterday afternoon when the guys were closing up the house for the night and taking off, I was cutting plywood on the driveway. Vern was waiting for his ride when he came over and said, "Duncan (the Contractor) said if you could work faster, he would give you a raise." I had to laugh, I thought that was funny! Earlier when I first got there, Vern, who is normally the sheet-rock taping, floating guy was having to go around and correct some carpentry work done by a couple of other guys kept saying somewhat loudly, "Today I am a Carpenter, I have to fix every one else mistakes! I am a Carpenter!" I said, "Vern, I did not know you installed carpet!!" I could hear the other guys elsewhere in the house laugh.  Another thing I thought was funny is the young guy who's name is Matt is responsible for the electrical.  I noticed that a light switch in the hallway was not working properly.  I told Matt about this.  He responded, "Hhmmm, I know that there is power there, I shocked myself really good at the switch this morning."

I have to say that I really enjoy and miss that kind of camaraderie we use to have when I worked in the shipyards. I will miss these guys when the work is finished.