When I was in college, I went deer hunting with some of my cousins in Arkansas.  I am not a natural hunter, I love to shoot guns, but to shoot something like a deer, I have a tough time sighting it and pulling the trigger.  My cousins were determined that I was going to shoot my first deer so they put me in a prime spot for a deer to runs past me while the Beagles chased them.  I had my side by side 12 gauge double barrel loaded with buck shot on the front trigger and a slug on the rear trigger.  I heard the Beagles starting the chase so I got ready.   Before I knew it a 10 point albino buck was running straight for me.  I tracked him with my shotgun as he came within a few feet of me, he ran past.  He was such a beautiful sight running by, that I could not pull the trigger.   About 20 seconds later I heard the roar of a shot gun as the guy next on the trail shot the deer.

Later that day we were all eating lunch while the guy who bagged the deer was showing it off, Uncle Ivan asked me if I saw the deer running.  I said I did, he ran right past me.  He said, “Why didn’t you shoot it?”  I responded, “I didn’t have my camera”   Right then they all knew that I was not really a hunter like they were, but we all had a good time that day.