Another scar is where the chain under the trailer tongue drug across as my good friend Martin Starnes and I was leaving on one of our many Florida install trips. I did not notice that particular scar until weeks later when I returned home. Martin passed away earlier this year so that particular driveway scar has meaning to me.

Not all scars on the driveway are scratches, there are also paint marks that don’t go away over time and fiber glass that has not worn away. There is a round black paint mark where I painted the differential cover plate from Kermit, Allison’s jeep. The fiberglass is where I repaired the fuel tank from Buglas. I named my VW Bug ‘Buglas, like Douglas, only different’ as I like to say.

There is also the forms that was used to make the driveway. When we had a basketball goal we used the form boards as our shooting places when we played horse and other games. Lots of memories when I look around my driveway.

There is another scar where an old Jeep Cherokee was drug across the driveway leaving twin marks while it was being loaded onto a flatbed trailer. In 2012 Allison wrecked her Jeep Cherokee and one of the things I did was buy another wrecked Cherokee for parts to repair her Jeep. I stripped down the donor Jeep to the hull. I call that scar Chili Pepper’s Death Grip. Since that Jeep was red and I tend to name all of the vehicles I have, it was called Chili Pepper.

My driveway has a lot of scars, all of which I can recall what caused them. Some of them are old, others are somewhat recent. My favorite is when I had the additional concrete poured to accommodate the side of the garage, Zora ran across leaving her trail permanently imprinted on the driveway. At first I wanted to wipe them off so the new concrete would be smooth, but decided to leave them as a tribute to my garage dog. I even wrote her name near where she ran across but only the Z can be seen today.