Yesterday Will called to ask if we could meet him after work. He was not feeling well and that time of day there is heavy traffic. He wanted to know if I would drive his Mini Cooper home for him. Jennifer and I met him near his work, he got in the car with Jennifer and I got in the Mini. The 2006 R53 model Mini Cooper S is a real hot rod, if you ever have a chance to drive one, take it. They are super charged with a six speed. I had a blast driving it home, even in the traffic. The Mini was low on fuel so I brought up the 'miles left' on the LED display of the Tachometer, which is mounted on the steering column. We usually keep the MPH in that display since it is right in front of you. There is a large speedometer in the middle of the dash, but as you drive that is not a natural place to look for your speed. One part of the drive home the traffic was light in a 55 MPH zone and I was scooting around pretty good. Did I mention that the S model Mini handles like a Go Kart? Anyway, here I was moving pretty good and I looked down to see what my speed was, I saw the number 35. At first glance I thought that was my speed but that was really how many miles I had left before running out of fuel. Then I looked at the big speedometer in the center of the dash and I saw the needle pointing to 75 MPH. That's more like it! Maybe I better slow down some. If I ever have to get an economical daily commuter, I might have to get a first gen Mini Cooper S like this one. But on the other hand, I really don't need more speeding tickets.