When I drive to work there are only a few other cars on the road. I love driving when there is no traffic. In the last week or so there has been a car that is obviously owned by a younger guy heading to work who is probably a lot like I am who loves to have short races between lights. The car is some sort of import that has had some modification but not a lot. A couple of days ago we were sitting side by side at a stop light. When the street are wet like it was that day I have the Auto 4 Wheel Drive on for better traction. The light turned green and he took off but his front wheel were spinning. Since I had better traction I took off ahead of him. Today we were at a light and I think he wanted a rematch. The streets were dry but I put it in Auto 4 Wheel Drive for traction. The light turned green and I jumped him off the line but he got ahead when he hit second. I had the momentum so I started to pass when we both let off before we made it to the next light. As we drove going somewhat at the speed limit I saw him wave and smile when I slowed down to take a left turn. That made my day! Driving the rest of the way to work I thought about the times when I was a lot younger and racing between lights was so much fun. I thought it was cool that this guy I ran against today saw it as something fun and not a serious thing that affected pride. The fact that a four wheel drive Tahoe with 211,000 miles on it held its own against a modified ricer and we both were smiling from the run made for a fun morning.