They say young men dream dreams and old men see visions.  When I was young I had lots of dreams that let me know what was in store for me in life.  Fascinating how they all became true but not always like I thought they might. I recall most of them, but time has sort of faded some away.  Now that I am getting older (63 almost 64) I do see visions from time to time.  Most of them are difficult to recognize for what it was or what they might mean. 

Recently I walked into our bedroom during the day and saw the three cats sleeping on the bed.  In a heartbeat I saw them along with all my pets I have had throughout my life.  The room changed somewhat in this vision.  I had not seen this room before, but it was very familiar.  All these animals looked like they had been waiting for me and when I walked in they all looked and recognized me.  My two pet hooded rats from my youth, Goober and Ellie Mae ran through the crowd of animals on the bed and stopped in front of me.  Elli Mae jumped up and climbed up my shirt and sat comfortably on my shoulder like she had always done before.  The owl that I had rescued and raised named Sam flew and landed in front of me.  So did my parakeet Benji.  A crowd of dogs gathered at my feet with tails wagging.  Zora and Axle were right in front along with Paisley.  Zora jumped up with her front paws on my legs like she had always done before.  Maggie, Eva, Little Bit, Sandy, Noodles, Annie, Ginger, and Bella gathered around.  The cats sat up where they had been sleeping and looked at me as well.  Frisky, Susie, Doc, Marie, Jasper, Madeline, Luna, and Vlad were all there.  Even the two white ducks, Charlie and Lucy, and two mallard ducks, Jack and Diane I had as pets, were there.

Then as quick as I saw all of this, they all disappeared except for Jasper, Vlad, and Luna… who barely acknowledged me being in the room.  Even the room was back like it is today. I stood there in awe thinking I might have seen a momentary glimpse of the place prepared for me as Jesus promised.  He said, “In my Father’s house are many dwelling places; if not, I would have told you.  I am going away to prepare a place for you.”

I debated whether I should post this or not but every time I thought about it I had a whole range of emotion including the grief I felt for losing each one of my pets.  Then the thrill of seeing them all again in this vision.  So, take this at face value of what you might think of this.  Maybe an old man sort of losing sense or maybe it was a glimpse of my place prepared for me.   Personally, I choose the latter.