I was working for Phil Arms Productions in 1985. We did multi camera video shoots which we edited for a 30-minute TV show that aired locally as well on cable networks. I edited the show in the TV truck during the week. One time I had a TBC or Time Base Corrector go out, so I was unable to finish that week’s edit. What went out was the DOC or Drop Out Compensator which cleans up the video from the 1-inch broadcast tape. I did complete the timeline edit but the video looked horrible with all the spots and tears going through the video. I contacted Channel 39 in Houston to rent their edit facility after hours so I could complete the editing. I brought the raw tape along with several B-Rolls and the EDL or Edit Decision List. The plan was to import the EDL into the edit controller, load the tapes and let the edit take place automatically.

My good friend Eugene Cowles and I arrived at the station and in the lobby, there was a TV tuned to Ch 39. This channel is a UHF channel which in our part of town has always been snowy in the picture. This was because the antennas were aimed in the other direction from where we lived. The lobby TV’s picture was also snowy. Eugene said “No wonder their channel looks snowy, they broadcast it that way”. The young lady at the desk tried her best not to laugh.

We were escorted to the control room just as the 10 pm Newscast was finishing so we sat in the back watching the newscast. The anchor at that time was a young lady named Lori Dimerro. As the newscast ended they rolled credits over the live video. The crew finished up and left the control room. One of the station’s engineers was going to meet us in the control room to help us set up for our edit.

Eugene and I moved up to the Director’s chair and Tech Director’s chair. All the studio cameras were powered down, but the other equipment was left on. On the preview monitor was the Chyron roll of the credits and it had stopped on Lori Dimerro’s name. As we waited I sat back with my feet on the console in front of the Director’s position and Eugene was sitting in the Tech Director’s chair punching around on the switcher. I saw Lori’s name on the preview monitor and said, “Lori Dimerro”. Eugene smiled and said a little louder, “Lori Dimerro”. Not to be out done, I said even louder “Lori Dimerro” and Eugene beat that almost shouting “Lori Dimerro”. We started laughing, probably since it was so late, and we had already put in a full day’s work.

Next thing we knew, Lori Dimerro was standing at the door, wondering who was saying her name. Of course, I pointed to Eugene like as if he was the only one who said her name. I think she knew better as we all started laughing. She just smiled, shook her head and walked away. I am not sure what she may have thought of us there in the control room, but I am sure it was something like, ‘Idiots’.

I miss working in TV production but not sure I could keep up with the fast pace of live TV anymore. Lots of great memories with lots of awesome friends…. and some not so awesome.

I am not sure why I thought of this time, but I did recently while driving to work one morning. My first instinct was to text my good friend Eugene and remind him of the Lori Dimerro edit session at Channel 39. For a moment I had forgotten that he passed away a little over a year ago.

Godspeed my friend, I will see you again one day and will laugh about those times we worked together.