I have been driving different cars to work each day.  Parts for the Tahoe are on the way.  This is one of those reasons why I wanted the Bug running, but it is not quite there yet.  If one of our daily drivers was down, we would have a spare car to drive.  Last week I drove the Jeep mostly, this week I have been driving the VW GTI.  BTW, if I drove the GTI daily, I would be in trouble.  That car is fast! It has the same engine with turbo as the Audi A4.  I must drive it with cruise control, otherwise I would be passing everyone.

The reason I am sharing this is instead of messing with the radio stations I carry some CDs with me to listen to while I drive.  This morning I was listening to Simon & Garfunkel Live.  It is interesting how music triggers memories.  The song ‘Feeling Groovy’ brought back memories of sitting in a Paris sidewalk café enjoying coffee and watching people walk by.  I was on the last part of my backpack through Europe adventure.  Next stop was London in a few days, then catch a flight back home.  While in Paris I heard American music a lot while walking around the big city.  Music playing at outdoor cafes, in the parks and other places.  Before Paris, I did not hear familiar music very much.  When I was in London, I heard Supertramp Breakfast in America for the first time.  In fact, I heard it several times at different outdoor cafes.  Today when I hear Simon & Garfunkel I think of Paris.  When I hear Supertramp, I think of London. 

Maybe by the end of next week, I will be driving the Tahoe again.  I will be back in my routine of listening to my saved satellite radio stations such as the Message and the 70’s channel.