I understand that most people are either dog people or cat people. There are only a few of us who love them both. I love watching how all of our pets act and react, they are very entertaining. When I walk out the back door, Axle is bouncing (literally) up and down, so glad to see me. He then runs over to wait at the garage door begging to be invited in. I invite him most times if I am not going somewhere. If he could talk, he would be saying "What cha doing? Can I help?"

Cats on the other hand are a lot different and to me more entertaining to watch. They keep their distance unless it is feeding time, then they are very loving. Vlad, our black cat has had a tough time since the flood, I think he is suffering from his version of PTSD. Yesterday afternoon I spent chilling out watching TV, a rare thing these days. Vlad walks in the room, walks the entire perimeter. He hops up on the bed, walks the perimeter of the bed, looking around. He then walks around me, then steps up onto my lap, turns several circles then lays down. He ended up falling a sleep while I watch TV.

Two very different kinds of pets, but I love everyone one of them. If someone were to ask which of my pets I love most, I would say the one that I am with at the time.