This morning while driving to work I thought of the many road trips my family took when I was young. I recall my brothers and I sitting in the back seat of the station wagon while Dad was driving. mom was in the front seat, usually reading a book. Dad would ask, "Who can guess how far to the top of that mountain where the road goes over?" We would all take our guess, "I say it is 1 mile." Donny would say "3 miles" Johnny would respond, "No, it is 1 and a half miles."

We would all three watch the odometer over Dad's shoulder. As the distance clicked by someone would say, "That's point 5 miles.... that's .8 miles.... there is 1 mile...." I knew then that I had underestimated the distance. Finally, as we reached the top of the mountain and started going down the other side, Dad would ask, "Who said 1 and 3/4 miles?" Johnny said, "I guessed 1 and a half miles" Dad said, Johnny wins, he guessed closest."

I loved our many road trips; they sure bring up lots of great memories.