Yesterday afternoon I went outside and gave Axle a treat. Something I do every time I see him. I knew he had figured out the word 'walk' so if he was near and I was talking with Jennifer about taking Axle for a walk I would use another word like adventure. That way if the walk would have to wait until later, he would not get excited about going out then have to wait. So back to yesterday, I gave him an treat as I came out the back door of the house. As he started to eat the treat, I said, "Axle, do you want to go on a walk?" He stopped chewing, dropped his lower jaw and let the treat fall out of his mouth, then ran over to the garage door. I could not believe his reaction. I put his harness on ( I don't put the leash to his collar any more so he does not hurt himself when he see a squirrel.) and we took off for our walk. When we got back, I took the harness off and let him through the garage door to go back into the back yard. He went straight for the treat he dropped earlier. He is defiantly the smartest dog I have ever had. I wish I knew how to train him better. He knows 'sit' and 'shake' to put his paw out like shaking hands. But that is about it. He also know when he picks up something while walking and I say, 'you don't need that' he will immediately drop it. I get the biggest kick having him around and he is always good for a laugh. He has also developed a good guard dog bark if somebody walks past. Now I have to teach him to bark at all the Fords that drive past.