A few years ago I had to get a colonoscopy.  I never look forward to them but know it is one of those necessities that we must do from time to time.  To me the worst part is the preparation leading up to the procedure and then the anticipation.  As for the actual procedure, I look forward to the good sleep. 

This particular time I decided to wear cowboy boots so that when I got dressed afterwards to head home, I would not have to tie my shoes.  The time came for me to change into my hospital gown which ties in the back. The nurse that showed me where to change said for me to put my clothes in the locker but bring my shoes, or in my case boots, with me to the preparation/waiting area.  I got the hospital gown on and locked up my clothes in the locker and went to the area where they set up the IV before the procedure.

I settled down to wait for them to come get me for the procedure when the fire alarm went off.  One of the nurses came into my area and said to put on my boots, that everyone needs to go outside.  So here I was in my hospital gown, wearing cowboy boots pushing an IV pole and walking towards the exit at the rear of the building.  The nurse help me get the IV pole out of the door.  As I started to walk across the parking lot, the wind kicked up my gown so I held it down in front with my left hand and pushed my IV pole with my right.  Before I knew it another nurse ran up to me with a blanket to cover my backside.  I was thankful for that, especially after seeing how many people was standing in the parking lot. 

The all clear was given and we were allowed to go back into the building.  I started to walk over to the preparation/waiting area where I was before when another nurse came up to me and asked my name.  I told her and she said to follow her.  We went to the procedure area.  I climbed up onto the bed and asked what I should do with my boots, they said to leave them on.  So here I was ready for this to happen, wearing my cowboy boots.  A few minutes later, the Doctor came in, saw me there and said, “Ready to get this over with Cowboy?” 

I guess if you have to go through such a procedure, having these events happen sort takes the edge off the anxiety factor, and something to laugh about later.