Yesterday I got a haircut.  When I was there I was reminded of a time many years ago when this barber shop was at its original location.  At that location there was a fire station about a block away.  Back then, this fire department depended on volunteers to fight any local fires.  One time I recall, I was in the barber chair next to the window.  All of a sudden the fire alarm sounded which could be heard all over town.  It was not long before the volunteers started showing up in their cars and trucks to mount up on the fire equipment.  A few minutes later the smaller fire fighting vehicles took off as fast as they could going one way down the main street.  Soon after the pumper was following with the engine screaming but he was not going very fast.  A few minutes later, all those trucks flew past going in the other direction.  Not long after that, the pumper trying to keep up was going maybe 10 miles per hour but his engine had to be red lining since it was screaming so loud, you could hear it over the siren.  Without looking up my barber said, “That must be Louis, he does not know how to shift gears”.  That was so funny to me, here was the most important truck needed and all the other fire fighters had to been waiting anxiously for it to show up.  Gotta love living in a small town!