Yesterday afternoon I took Axle for a walk around the block. I saw the neighbor that lives behind me and another neighbor talking in the street. I stopped for a minute or so to introduce Axle to them. My neighbor asked if we were living in our house already. I responded that we moved in on 18 November but the house is far from finished. As I continued my walk around the block I looked at all the houses and counted my blessings. People are still removing debris and tearing out walls. A lot of folks did not have insurance and are doing most of the work themselves.

This last weekend an 18 wheeler flatbed full of sheet rock showed up to give out building material. The truck was emptied in short time for houses that asked for the free sheet rock. Another company donated forklifts and operators to deliver the sheet rock through out the neighborhood.

Our neighborhood which has maybe 200 homes was probably the hardest hit in the flood. Out of all the homes, there are only a handful of families actually living in their house now. Others who are here are living in RVs and FEMA trailers. When I got back to my house I had to count my blessings that we are progressing was well as we are in rebuilding. Please remember in prayer all my neighbors as they are rebuilding their homes.

BTW, Axle is the coolest dog ever! He is so full of personality and is fascinated with life. When we were walking along a ditch that was full of water, he had to run through the water down the length of the ditch. He was so glad to see Bella when we rounded the corner to our house.