Yesterday afternoon I took Axle for a walk. We went to the ball field near the house. It had rained the night before so there was standing water most everywhere. Axle loved running through and splashing in the water. When it was time to turn around and start back home, I said, "...Let's go see Bella" Axle turned around and saw a paper coffee cup on the ground and picked it up. I did not think much about it since he loves to chew on things so I thought he was going to chew on it a while and drop it. He carried that cup all the way home. He dropped it a few times along the way but always picked it back up. When we made it back to inside the garage where I took his leash off, he went into the back yard and dropped that cup in front of Bella and ran off into the back yard. If I did not know better, I think he brought that cup to Bella when I said we need to go back to see her.