Yesterday, 27 January 2018, was the 5 month anniversary of the Hurricane Harvey Flood. We have been through a lot since then. I am not talking about just my family but everyone who lives on the Texas Gulf Coast. People from all over the country helped us in so many ways. May God Bless everyone of you!! There are many who are still without a home living in temporary housing. Some in trailers, some in hotels and some who are guests in other peoples homes. Thank you so much to everyone who took in flood victims to live in your home. God will truly Bless you! We stayed in six different places before we were able to move back to our house. We will never forget the generosity of those who welcomed us into their homes even for just a night or two. My family is back in our home which is almost complete in being rebuilt. I pray all the time for those who are still going through the process. The Blessings do out weigh the Tragedy!